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Tourist attractions

  • St-Amelie Church
    Admire the masterful work of Master Nincheri and discover, in multimedia, the history of its construction, the journey of Master Nincheri and his hidden treasures. This work of art has 5 times more frescoes than in the Sistine Chapel.
  • Pointe-Aux-Outardes nature park
    At the Pointe-aux-Outardes nature park, you will discover 8 different ecosystems. Enjoy demonstrations and a guided tour of the trails. Discover a salt marsh aboard an inflatable boat. On the program, plankton picking and tasting of edible plants.
  • Manic-2
    Manic-2 is one of the largest hollow-joint gravity dams in the world. The dam is connected to a power plant powerful enough to supply electricity to a city of 250,000 inhabitants.
  • Manic-5
    Manic-5 is the largest multi-arch and buttress dam in the world. Endowed with a unique architecture, it is a true witness of Quebec genius.
  • forest village
    The forestry industry has been crucial to the development of the North Shore. Activities such as cutting, hauling, transport and other aspects of life in the forest are presented at this interpretation center. Enjoy bites of a typical lumberjack meal which, at the time, was around 2,000 calories per meal.
  • The Fjard St-Pancrace Lookout
    The Fjard St-Pancrace lookout is a magnificent viewpoint 600 meters high. During the era of alcohol prohibition around the 1930s, smugglers would hide in the bay to make their deliveries! An unmissable photo stop.
  • Attitude Nordique
    Come and discover Baie St-Pancrace as you've never seen it before! From a height of more than 50 meters above the bay, you will be able to admire the River from the air, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking scenery! Adrenaline and fun guaranteed. No approach walk. The start of the activity is about ten meters from the parking lot. Those who wish to see the participants doing the activity, a belvedere is accessible very close to see the activity.
  • Expéditions Pirsuq
    Les Expéditions Pirsuq offers sea excursions departing from the Baie-Comeau marina. Whether you want to observe marine mammals, tease fish or dive to discover the seabed, Pirsuq will meet your taste for adventure. Our experienced guides will accompany you safely and will please the most curious by exposing you to the historical stories of the region.
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